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Luxury Coastal Villas in the UAE

Taking into consideration that the United Arab Emirates are among the wealthiest countries in the world you can be sure to find many very up-scale properties here.

The United Arab Emirates have some prime luxury villas spread over the islands along the coast. Some are artificial but most are natural. The best part is that most of these luxury homes are on or close to the beach. If luxury is your lifestyle then the UAE is your prime destination because luxury is the norm here.

Since 2002, owning land in the United Arab Emirates is legal. Many expats have chosen to live here and the real estate market is booming. Because of the many expats living here English is widely spoken.

You can shop till you drop, the city has, besides the world famous Dubai Mall, more then 70 shopping centers.
A major tax incentive is that the emirate imposes no capital gains or inheritance taxes.

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